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5 minute craft for St Patrick's Day

5 minute craft for St Patrick's Day


I like to craft. I like a simple craft. I love a cheap craft. I love an easy to clean craft. 

This takes 4 items. 5 if you make mistakes.  

1. A ceramic item you want to cover. I purchased mine at Hobby Lobby for $4. I also tried it on glass, but the white background of ceramic worked better. 

2. Nail polish of your choice. I picked green for St. Patty's. Under $4 for the cheap kinds and can be used again.  

3. Boiled water that has cooled just a minute or two.  

4. Deep pan. I used a lasagna pan and any leftover nail polish was cleaned out with nail polish remover. 

5. Nail polish remover. For cleaning, or if you dislike your pattern simply use the remover and start again.  

Open a window or have a fan running with this craft, especially if you have to use alot of nail polish remover.  

Tips I learned while doing this. Wait for the polish to thin out and expand. That leaves less overlapping, unless you like that look. Bubbles can be pushed out with your finger tips when it sets up alittle.  


The finished product was what I expected. For St Patty's I should of done a darker green with that light green. I love it. It's simple. So easy. 

Here is a quick video, please excuse the filming. It was done by a toddler. 


Comment and share your crafting ideas. 

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