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Get a head start on spring cleaning with @tradesy

Get a head start on spring cleaning with @tradesy

As a football coaches wife one of the constants in his career is moving. Which means I love to declutter as much as possible. I am not sentimental when it comes to clothes. Certain pieces I keep for friends who will be having kids, or hang in their closets. I do NOT keep bins of old clothes stashed away somewhere. Outgrown clothes are either donated or sold. As a busy mother I found a great way to do both and it's Tradesy. Its a consignment shop, donation stop and all around awesome place. Here is how easy it is

I sort my children's clothing into two piles. 

1. Ones to donate

2. Ones to sell  

What is awesome about Tradesy is if they feel like your clothing isn't good enough quality to sell they will donate it for you. Also the easy to use large bags are shipped to you. If selling, they take the cost of the return mail off your possible earnings. We chose to donate to The Boys and Girls club, that bag has the heart on it, and its easy to not confuse the two bags. Once you fill your bags you can either leave it for USPS to pick up or drop it off at the post office yourself. I have sent in two bags of kids clothes thus far and made $50 right off the bat.  They can choose to pay upfront for what they feel will be popular or is great condition. Your other items will be listed and you will receive a certain amount "if" it sells. They begin a countdown next to the item of how many days left it has to sell until they donate it. Correct me if I am wrong, but there is also an option to have the clothes sent back to you. You can choose to cash out your earnings or you may turn those earnings into more clothes buy shopping on their site. Win/win. 


What is your favorite way to declutter or spring clean? Where do you start. 

5 minute craft for St Patrick's Day

5 minute craft for St Patrick's Day

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