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My son doesn't like watching football, and that's okay.

You know what's funny about my hubby being a football coach? Everyone assumes my son LOVES his Dad's job! They think he must love going to games and watching football. That it must be every “boys” dream to have a Dad as a coach. Turns out, it's not, and that's okay. I told my husband that our son has probably watched more live football games than him and he agreed. I am very aware we are blessed in many ways because of football, but to a 5 year old all he sees is a sport that takes his Daddy away all the time. For parties, school events and even his sports. Being a boy, society expects that he MUST love everything sports and go sports and want to be there, and at this point in his life he really doesn't want to. He would rather play Legos at home with a babysitter. Oddly enough his 3 year old sister loves the games. She loves talking and playing with the other girls. She loves the eating and the cheering. She packs her bag full of toys and wears her cheerleader outfit. This is her first year coming to games, and so far so good for her. I will say I have found that most boys around his age at the games are usually on their gaming systems, so I'm actually happy he wants to stay home instead. I'm not putting down the kids that play the games or their parents, but my son has a personality that doesn't mix well with gaming. So that is not an option for us, and parents with these types of kids know what I'm talking about. So until my son wants to actually come to game and watch “the game” he will happily stay home. If he asks to come or my daughter wants to stay home, that is up to them. I will never get mad at my kids for not wanting to watching, I will encourage them to support their Dad, but there are other ways they like to do that. We go to practice and visit Daddy in the office all the time. So in conclusion, to all the coaches wives out there who have kids that don't like watching the sport their parent coaches, it's okay!!! If you're okay with it, it will be okay. When I took my daughter people judged me because she was at the game and was up late, while others judged me for not bringing my son. I don't care. My top priority is my family, and we do things our own way.

Do you have one child that loves football and one that doesn't?

My two must have a for the football season

My two must have a for the football season