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My tip for preventing stroller theft.

So people always love to ruin a good time, even if it's at the happiest place on earth.  There have been recent stories of stroller theft and even using their own children to steal someone else's stroller. 

On our last trip to Disney I had a simple plan to prevent ours from being stolen. First off I don't leave anything of value in it. Nothing stays in the stroller that would ruin a vacation if stolen. Second, I took our TILE  Bluetooth tracking system off of our car keys and hide it in the stroller. My husband's phone can set an alarm off on the TILE system or we can simply track the stroller if it were to be removed. Our third step, I typed up a short note "stroller has gps tracking device"  and covered it on the handle bar with packing tape. Next time I would laminate instead, but it did the job. These three things combined help prevent theft and let any possible thief know they shouldn't mess with your stroller. It's $50 that hopefully prevents our stroller from being taken and also gives a little piece of mind. Not to mention you can set the alarm off if trying to find it in stroller parking. 

Here is where you can purchase the TILE.   After the trip it can go back on those car keys and continue being used to help your husband find his "stupid keys". 


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