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The first timer mistakes we made with the Disney dining plan #disneytips #disneydining #disneyMom #werundisney

The first timer mistakes we made with the Disney dining plan #disneytips #disneydining #disneyMom #werundisney

So I have been to Disney World many times, even been to Disneyland in California and Paris, but this was my first time using the Disney dining plan. I want you to learn from our mistakes. The video is a quicker summed up version. 



1. Do NOT get it if you have small children that aren't big eaters  


Now I thought I ate, like I love me some food. I especially love me some Disney food. Unfortunately my son is not that big of an ester. We would have a sit-down meal for lunch, and then he only wanted a snack or so for dinner since he was so full. Which meant we were left with 5 quick service credits left OR those became 15 snack credits at the gift shop. So I came home with 15 bags of candy. 


2. Make sure all your sitdowns aren't buffets.  

We made the mistake of having most of our sitdowns as buffet meals. My daughter is one and eats free at them, so I thought it was a good idea. At a buffet you want your monies worth so you eat a ton, problem with that is we were so stuffed that we couldn't eat dinner later. 


3. Plan out your meals and where you will have them and make RESERVATIONS


I planned out all of our sit-down meals and used all those credits accordingly. Book the sitdowns you want 6 months ahead and Be Our Guest, even though it's  a quick service sometimes  I didn't think to play out our quick service meals or snacks for that matter. So alot of the time we had a snack or two instead of a quick service. And with the new meal plan you get alcohol with your quick service (where available), which means I missed out on an alcoholic beverage. I would of felt better in the end using snack credits to buy snacks and not quick service ones.  


4. Order ahead when you can or mobile order


This is actually a TIP. At some place where the line was huge it was even quicker to order while standing in the line. I did that and my brother and his family waited, we honestly had our food twenty minutes earlier. Not to mention Be Our Guest, not only do you need a reservation but save even more time ordering ahead!  


5.   Bring your own water in.


Another tip instead of mistake is to bring in your own bottles of water. We bought a 24 pack and shoved 5 bottles under the stroller everyday and that way didn't waste anything on water. 


6.  Try stuff you normally would never buy.  


We tried snacks daily that otherwise I wouldn't buy. Let me tell you 6 snacks between 3 people is actually alot of food. In Norway we tried the "school bread" just because it's the cool thing to do, but then also tried the snowball.  

7. Don't forget alcohol is now INCLUDED


With the 2018 plan adults 21 and older can now add alcohol to their sitdowns and quick service (where applicable). I forgot about this additional and stupidly ordered a pop with my quick service instead of a beer while in Epcot. If you're not a big drinker, no big whoop, but if you like having a drink with a meal do NOT forget this addition.  


What mistakes did you make the first time you used the dining plan? Any tips?  



DIY Mickey Mouse pin holder #disneydiy #pintrading #disneypintrading #disneymom #disneysmmc

DIY Mickey Mouse pin holder #disneydiy #pintrading #disneypintrading #disneymom #disneysmmc

Disney World Food

Disney World Food