Disney Swan and Dolphin Resort Pool and Waterslide

One perk of being a football coaches wife is the hotel reward points. My husband is a Marriot Platinum rewards member since he spends alot of time on the road during the football "off season". What I didn't know until recently is that the Disney Swan and Dolphin are not fully Disney hotels. Now let me warn you before you look, the points required are HUGE.  We used 50,000 points to stay there for two nights (and got 25,000 back because we sweat to death one night when they turned all the power off to do some fire Marshall thing). That being said, we got what we paid for, or at least that's what I feel. We took the boat to Epcot, could walk to the Boardwalk in the morning to grab coffee, and the pool was amazing!!!!! Not to mention I don't like a heavily themed Disney resort when I'm being bomb with it at the parks. We pool was located between the two resorts and was just gorgeous. The slide was amazing and my kids loved it. My Mom and I enjoyed the buckets of beer and the food 👍. 


Watch the video below to get a quick view of the hotel. Please like and comment on the video.  


Moms night out to Trader Sam's Grog Grotto

I highly recommend you use Lyft while enjoying some adults beverages in the Disney gates. Not only are they safe, but you may be lucky and get an actual Minnie Van. Why risk a DUI while on vacation. Every trip I try and get away for a few hours, if I have a family member with me.  This trip my sister in-law and I enjoyed some Mommy time at the Polynesian Resort at Trader Sam's Grog Grotto. It's pricey, interactive and the drinks are strong. My first two were very cinnamon flavoured, but still awesome. It's open seating. First come first serve.  We had to wait 40 minutes and went out into the lobby to grab a wine and waited for our text. I can't comment on the food, but we had an amazing time. 

I rented a stroller at Disney.....here are my thoughts

So I flew across the country, from Phoenix to Orlando, and since we just moved I couldn't find the second seat to the stroller. Since we just use the ramp and one sit while in the airport I figured I would rent a stroller. 


We rented at Epcot, for $31 dollars for a double, and you can keep the receipt and get another stroller if you switch parks that day. They can NOT leave the park. 

 At Epcot you can get one at the main gate and also the International Gateway. We rode the boat from Swan Resort and after you enter the gates the stroller pickup is right there. 


I love this pin!!!

Just a quick little self promoting blog. Please take some time to like and share this pin. I love it. I know pastel are all the rage in Disney right now, and that's not my style. So sticking with what I like, and it's this pin!! I love the simplicity of it.